13 Chanukah Sing-Along Songs for Your Candle-Lighting

Eva Grayzel
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4 song sheet with 13 songs for a Chanukah party. The sing-alongs include traditional tunes, amusing lyrics to familiar tunes, and a Chanukah Rap. Choose 2-3 each night and repeat your faves over the 8 nights of Chanukah.

It includes: 

Traditional Songs:

* The 3 Blessings

* O' Chanukah

* I Have A Little Dreidel

* MaOz Tsur / Rock of Ages (in Hebrew transliterated and English)

* Al Hanissim

* Chanukah, Chanukah

Simple And Fun Tunes:

* Who Fought Antiochus

* How Many Candles

* M-A-C-C-A-B-E-E (to the tune of Mickey Mouse)

* Light One Candle

* The Latke Song

* A Chanukah Rap (View YouTube version here: https://youtu.be/oLXwbUzrB9o )

* Those Were The Days

BONUS: Directions for playing Dreidel and a brief history of the holiday.

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At the darkest time of the year, light up your Chanukah candle-lighting celebration with singing, clapping and rapping to the beat! 13 family Chanukah songs from the traditional to the creative.


13 Chanukah Sing-Along Songs for Your Candle-Lighting

0 ratings
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